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Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition Movie starring Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson and Andy Dick

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Blond Ambition is a movie inspired by the movie "Working Girl" starring musician/actress Jessica Simpson with the lead role as Katie, a small town girl who moves to NYC and rises to the top as a business woman. This movie also stars Luke Wilson and Andy Dick who plays the role of evil secretary. There is a lot of rumors that this movie is a remake of "Working Girl" being it has the same theme. "Y'all got it wrong", Simpson says. "I don't know where that came from". Simpson says it's more of a knockout comedy than "Working Girl". It's definitely comedy! I'll be on bicycles falling into pot holes and other goofy stuff. We hope you're right about "Blonde Ambition" being comedy, and we mean a good comedy. Blonde Ambition begins filming November 27, 2006 and is set for release in the of summer 2007.

Blonde Ambition Movie Poster                           
Blonde Ambition Movie

December 21, 2007
Jessica Simpson (Katie)
Luke Wilson (Ben)
Penelope Ann Miller (Debra)
Rachael Leigh Cook (Haley)
Andy Dick (Hank)
Willie Nelson (Katie's Father)
Larry Miller
John T. Billingsley (Construction Worker)
Christa Campbell
Brooke Devenney (Amber birthday party friend & pinata hitter)
Ted Ferguson (Upset Norwegian Priest)
Corey Flaspoehler (Bike Messenger)
Drew Fuller (Billy)
Jamie Kennedy
Karen McClain (Betty)
Ashley-Anne Parker
Scott Marshall
Matthew Flanagan
David McHugh
Jessica O'Toole
Amy Rardin
Joe Simpson
Justin Berfield
Jason Felts
Michael P. Flannigan
Lati Grobman
Avi Lerner
David E. Ornston
David Pomier

Blonde Ambition Movie Trailer

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