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About Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats

Jessica Simpson's line of beauty products, called Dessert Treats, offers a full range of items that look great, smell great, and even taste great. Dessert Treat products include lip glosses, body shimmers, body creams, and perfumes as well as sugar scrubs. The products are all attractively packaged in pastel colors, mostly pink. The Dessert Treat line prides itself on being edible. Not in the sense that you would want to eat the body cream for lunch, but that you taste good when you are being kissed and you will want to lick your lips when you have the lip glosses on. You won't have to deal with chemical or alcohol tastes on your skin.

Not only do the products taste good, but they smell great. Many people prefer a flirty smell that is not overpowering or too "grown-up" for their tastes. Dessert Treats come in scents and flavors like lollipop, candy, cupcake, creamsicle, bubble gum, and butterscotch. The more sophisticated consumer might find the products a little childish, but many women prefer to use scents that are fun, light, airy and more natural smelling. These products can be a great addition to your beauty regimen and you'll find that you can mix and match scents easily.

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