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Princy Jeans by Jessica Simpson

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About Jessica Simpson Princy Jeans

Although Jessica Simpson's Princy line includes shirts, skirts, and pants, the line is most well known for its jeans. Princy jeans are relatively inexpensive, especially for a high profile pant label. Princy jeans flatter many body types. Although you can get a regular pair of basic blue jeans, Princy jeans are known for their unique additions which make for a jean that is fashionable and not just functional. One choice is the printed cuff jeans. They have a upwards folded cuff with various designs printed on the lighter jean back. These look great with flip flops or sandals, but for a trendy look, pair them with a high heeled boots.

The Princy Olive Oil Wide Leg jean is flared throughout the entire leg length, and not just at the bottom. The flair stops at the top of the legs, allowing you to still show off a small waist. If you want jeans that are only flared at the bottom, try the Princy Sailor jeans. Your best bet is probably the Princy Favorite Jean, which is your basic comfortable pair of jeans. These will look great on anyone. Princy jeans look more expensive than they really are, and are worth trying. The rest of the Princy line is almost better than the jeans, and you can't go wrong pairing the jeans with one of the cute Princy tops.

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