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Real Girls Eat Meat

Real Girls Eat Meat While Jessica Simpson had this Real Girls Eat Meat t-shirt created to slam her boyfriend Tony Romo's ex, Carrie Underwood, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was offended by the shirt and decided to slam Jessica.

Any organization that not once, but twice has named Carrie Underwood the World's Sexiest Vegetarian could use a healthy dose of meat in their diet. Makes you wonder what the hell they were thinking. We caught up to Jessica and Tony to ask Jess if she had anything to say about PETA's comments. She innocently asked, what's PETA? As a small group laughed and then started cheering FUCK PETA. Ah, I sense a future t-shirt slogan for Jessica.

Jessica Simpson aka A genuine patriot for American livestock farmers.

We took it upon ourselves to create Jessica's next shirt.

Fuck P.E.T.A.

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45087 Views 06.21.2008. 08:36

joe reed on 01.13.2009. 12:52

p.e.t.a? sorry, let me quit chomping my ham sandwich. i would get those shirts for my daughters to wear. we are carnivores. eyes forward. not to the side!

katie on 02.24.2009. 11:31

God made animals. we eat them. i love meat. eff ya

meat-eater on 03.14.2009. 02:23

Fuck PETA- I can't wait until a PETA member's mother is on her death bed, and the only thing that can save her is taking the heart from a baboon and transplanting it into this PETA member's mother's chest cavity. If that person can say "no, it's wrong, let my mother die and save the baboon," then I respect his/her integrity but question his/her sanity. I don't condone the senseless killing of animals, and I believe humans should be as sensitive as possible to the suffering of animals, but let's not make any mistake- they're animals!!! They don't reason like we do, they don't love/hate like we do, they're animals. For everyone that thinks that experimenting on animals to potentially save humans is wrong, put your mother in that sick human's place. And PETA, I can't say it enough, FUCK YOU!! Throw paint on someone I know, pie someone I'm with, or give even the slightest appearance of a threat to me, and call me a fucking animal. Of course, I don't mean that as a threat, and I think most of the good men and women of law enforcement would agree with me. Can't wait for the steak dinner tonight. Hopefully I'll shoot some deer, some squirrell, your mother, and a few quail (hey, they're all the same right?) today. PETA retards, you make me want to murder guinea pigs and shoot birds for no reason.

Peta on 03.29.2009. 10:00

I love meat AND sexism!

Anything to feel powerful, ey?

Also god made jews, hitler killed them, eff ya!!!

PEACE out on 04.19.2009. 22:27

You all need a lot of f****** help! I always wondered where the murderers, cults, and gangs started out from. Killing animals, "guinea pigs" for no reason. You are all losers who probably have no romantic involvements, so you are taking your frustrations out on a lame website...? Get a life...and go get some, if your penis is not too small to scare off every girl out there. I could never imagine lowering my standards to even talk to you "anti-PETA" assholes. I will be praying for all of you...

Mabuse on 04.20.2009. 09:23

to "Peace":
Given the fact that your herbavorism has obvious stunted your intellectual growth to the point that you can do no better than to snatch a hackneyed phrase of 90's "hipness" to use as a moniker, I doubt anything you have to say is any more relevant of import than the random ramblings of a spirochete invested ape, or perhaps your mental status was simply influenced by a cross-special transfer of same?
In any event the righteous fury of your white-hot anger belies the alleged "caringness" of your cause. You are worse than those against whom you tirade because you are a hypocrite--a FAR worse epithet than "omnivore".
Hopefully you are juicy and succulent and free range as well since the well-known SCIENTIFIC dictat is that herbivores are prey to Carnivores and Omnivores and I look forward to "meating" and tenderizing you properly.

steve on 05.21.2009. 19:59

peta is gay. they kill tons of animals every year instead of finding them homes. they are the biggest bunch of losers ive ever seen and do nothing but crave attention. fuck them up their stupid asses.

Paul on 05.25.2009. 02:51

PETA is a terrorist organization according to several government agencies and me. They are anti American and anti human. I hunt animals to survive, and to satisfy my animal instincts I am king of the jungle. PETA sucks but water.

God on 05.25.2009. 02:59

Peta is against nature and the how humans are made. Humans are omnivores!

Audrey on 07.06.2009. 20:37

im a vegan and i don't like peta. they give real animal activists a bad rep, and are way to extreme, so noone will even accept the base of their ideas because their so freakin' crazy. but jessica simpson is an idiot, "real girls eat meat" honestly the fact that i don't eat meat makes me less "real." i don't think so. you don't see us hashing on your diet so can't you have to curtesy to give us the same consideration.
"real girls are secure enough in themselves to not feel the need to put others down, especially for their diet"

Psychakias on 07.10.2009. 20:40

peace is probably developing his gay side right now ^^,
yeah go pray right... like any higher being would listen
to such
as for jess i dont think that meat is actually meat but
"meat" for the real girl ;)
(but some ppl just cant take jokes...)

P.E.T.A = people who having nothing interesting to do in their lives found a way to get fanatic with something that
sounds right and instead of actually helping the animals
through their "radicalism", agressive behaviour and
statements are promoting propaganda while any (8/10)
person coming across such behaviour will instantly develop
hostility to the source...

Oh and in the country we live in unfortunately nobody
gives a fuck about animal abuse, and i'm kind of happy
about that because i'd love to meet any of you cremate your pet and then see the judge laughing at you saying
(Talking about hostility...)

Tell u what retard PETA faggots if I was one of you
I would be working in a slaughterhouse to ensure that
the animal is not tortured, abused or anything like that.

If you have the intellect to understand that i am saying
then good day to you and thanks for reading.

Or else... What? Exactly!

^^ :) now where did i put that arctic bear steak...

Beatriz on 07.25.2009. 00:18

Why people get offended when someone (PETA) is trying their best to make a better world? I decided to go vegetarian, not that I believe mankind is ment to be so, but because I do not agree with farming animals. If someone is not able to see that, I feel very sorry for them. I mean, is your choice, you can make the effort or not, some people do not have the choice, not enough time to plan a healthy substitute for meat, or just love the taste of it way too much, but why would anyone slam off someone else for being nice?
I dont mean this as a fight talk, I really hope you could think about it.

Psychakias on 07.28.2009. 11:12

Beatriz we are not offended at people who do their best for the world, but actually the way they are trying to do it. I don't have anything against vegetarians but i do have alot about people who try to make all people the same to them...
any way about PETA just read a line of the wiki:

Newkirk has said: "It is a totally rotten business, but sometimes the only kind option for some animals is to put them to sleep forever." PETA euthanized 1,946 companion animals in Virginia in 2005, out of 2,138 animals surrendered to them or picked up as strays.

(i dont think that 9.9 out of the animals were in such a bad condition i just believe that they didnt bother to spend any of their 15 million dollars about them +deciding so cruelly about who lives and who dies is like clear facism isn't it?)

Newkirk makes no apology for PETA's support of activists who may break the law, writing that "no movement for social change has ever succeeded without 'the militarism component'." Of the Animal Liberation Front, she writes: "Thinkers may prepare revolutions, but bandits must carry them out

(nice one)

PETA was criticized in 2005 when police discovered that over the course of a month, at least 80 animals had been euthanized and left in area dumpsters. Two PETA employees were seen approaching a dumpster in a van registered to PETA and leaving behind 18 dead animals; 13 more were found inside the van. The animals had been euthanized by the PETA employees immediately after taking them from shelters in Northampton and Bertie counties

(no comments...)

Yours faithfully,

Flu-Bird on 08.20.2009. 12:26

Real girls dont join stupid faoot groups like PETA

raw vegan on 08.21.2009. 16:31

animals eat animals, angels eat fruit. says so in the bible.

hamed-1368 on 08.29.2009. 11:59

Real girl are vegan ones!!!;)

annastacia on 09.10.2009. 10:36

i am a vegetarian and i HATE peta with a passion. i would sport that shirt just to piss peta off. real girls eat meat. go jessica!

Vegan on 12.16.2009. 22:04

I think it's funny how many of you rednecks can't even spell "faggot" correctly. The problem is that if the government funded schools properly, so that you could learn to spell your slurs better, you might also read more and then the whole conservative movement would be fucked.

Hook on 03.01.2010. 18:25

I don't understand this conversation. Everyone knows

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

provegan on 07.19.2010. 09:59

you stupid meat-eater. i hope all of you know how the meat gets "produced". the animals are full of drugs, hormons and other helthy stuff. go on with eathing and enjoy your cancer in 20 or 50 years.
i´liked meat too, but after "eathlings" i changed my mind. maybe all of you should watch this movie too, to see what is going on.

navy guy on 08.08.2010. 05:29

i kill whales and dolphins everyday on my submarine at 245khz using active sonar, i love my life :)

CROSS on 08.13.2010. 14:16

There is absolutely nothing better than going out to my 8x10 barn, where I house 5000000 cows, all fed on steroids and any unatural thing I can, beating them to death with a rubber baseball bat, use a wooden shovel to tenderize the meat, and cook the fuckers on an open flame. Nothing tastes as good as that.
With that being said, FUCK PETA - GO JESS

Lemons on 10.07.2010. 16:15

PETA is very contradictory, especially if you read their statistics. Also, we are naturally omnivores due to the fact we have the ability to synthesize enzymes that are responsible for the break down of proteins (i.e. meat). If PETA truly wanted the best for animals, they would approach it differently. Another odd statistic is that if everyone didn't eat meat in the world, there wouldn't be enough farmland to adequately support our food needs and the soil would become poor- ultimately leading to our downfall. Recommended synthetic fur is often acrylic and is an environmental hazard when manufactured. Oh well. Looks like back to square 1.

Jesus on 11.08.2010. 23:13


fuckpeta on 11.10.2010. 18:24

Fuck peta if you beleive what peta stands for at all you are more worthless than my shit you stupid motherf***ers.

Ripped on 11.15.2010. 13:15

First off, I am very much against PETA.

Secondly, I think that God gave us farmable animals for a good reason... they are pretty much a self-replenishing food source. What other purpose does a chicken have in life other than giving us eggs and chicken meat? They have virtually no intelligence (and anyone who has worked with chickens will confirm this) and they do not have any other discernable function that is of much worth. So, they end up as chicken breast, chicken fillet, KFC burgers, scrambled egg, etc.
That being said, I am very much against treating animals poorly, even chickens, like giving them no space to move in and having a torturous life being force fed etc. So a balance has to be found...
The same also goes for most of our meaty food sources... sheep, cattle, etc., they are simply a self-replenishing food source, but should still be treated well before being humanely killed.

Oh well... that's merely my opinion, for what it's worth.

Bonnie on 03.30.2011. 03:09

I too hate peta I hate them so much there are no words. Why can't everyone see that its evil to use innocent universal love of animals by humans to control said humans and make them think its a mortal sin to do something as natural as eating meat? I can't emphasize the naturalness of it enough! Well it gets worse I just read an article that there giving free visectomies to the winners of a contest because human over population uses resourses that belong to animals like water and land. Go ahead try to defend them now...go ahead. The thought of it makes me sick they absolutely hate humans do why dont they all just drop dead...that otta cut back the population and get reid of the fucking idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to PEACE on 04.07.2011. 21:44

To poster PEACE: how are you visiting the same website, posting on the same blog, and calling the poster you attacked a loser with no life bc he/she found the time to voice his/her've clearly put as much thought (albeit, undercooked and misguided) and as much emotion behind your participation in this blog as he/she did.

That you don't recognize the transparent hypocrisy in your post testifies to an inherent short-sightedness in your approach to the world. PETA seems like the group that's probably more pathetic...who has the fucking time to care that much about animals in the first place? There are far greater problems...for starters: war, poverty, disease, crime...I don't know. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but PETA is the real loser. Go fuck yourself PEACE.

Anna on 06.06.2011. 08:30

Jessica; always showing she has no brain. Thanks for being a shame for thinking women.

titi on 09.11.2011. 12:02

AHAHAHHAHAHA only a monster eats death(meat)!
go go go vegan :)

Daniel Mc on 09.23.2011. 00:40

PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals
I love animals... They taste great
I love Jessica even more.

Squirrel of Satan on 10.02.2011. 00:00

Wow, PETA has the time to give a shit about this? Who gives a fuck if Jessica Simpson decides to wear a fucking T-shirt that says 'REAL GIRLS EAT MEAT'? The fact that you fuckers can get so worked up about something so insignificant shows me just how fucking intolerant and immature you fucking cunts really are. Why don't you go do something useful, like euthanizing a bunch of 'hopeless' animals?
PETA makes me fucking sick. First off, they are trying to force everybody to follow their agenda. If you want to be a vegan, fine, that's your choice and an honorable one, but don't try to shove your views down my throat. Secondly, they have shown that they have no problem terrorizing our children to get what they want. In a couple states, they passed out a fucking pamphlet/booklet/comic/whatever to children whose parents were wearing fur that said 'Your mommy kills animals', and it featured a graphic image of a woman stabbing a helpless rabbit to death with a butcher knife. Another child-oriented thing was the famous 'buckets of blood' that they passed out in some states to kids leaving KFC. These buckets had chicken bones, fake blood, feathers, and an image of Colonel Sanders stabbing a chicken to death inside them. They have also advised teenagers to rebel against authority and commit illegal acts of vandalism and even acts of violence for the sake of the poor old innocent animals. Who the fuck do you fucking bastards think you are? Do you really think you're helping the world become a better place by spreading your misinformation among our youth and forcing your cocks down our throats? Despicable....

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