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That 70's Show with Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Appearance's on "That 70's Show"

Jessica Simpson has appeared on three episodes of "That '70s Show" during the show's 2002-2003 seasons. That '70s Show, names of each episode, date and year of appearance are listed along with each episodes plot.

Going to California
September 17, 2002
Eric wants to express his love for Donna and ask her to come home, so he goes to California against his parents' wishes. Meanwhile, Kelso finds a California girl and trys his hardest to talk Annette (Jessica Simpson) into having sex with him. Annette states that she doesn't do that because she's a virgin and Kelso says "coincidence, me too." And still insists they should do it as they'd both be first-timers. Annette gets up to go cool off by pouring water over herself. and Kelso drools while watching her in slow motion.

Your Time Is Gonna Come
January 29, 2003
Annette (Jessica Simpson) comes visiting Kelso from California, and Jackie has her own feelings to deal with concerning Kelso's new girlfriend Annette. Kitty's dad dies, and Kitty has to face her own sorrow and other issues dealing with her mother. Also, in what would be a great start for a porno movie Kelso day dreams of Annette, Donna and Jackie having a slumber party where their talking about kissing and rubbing up against each other and ends in a flirty pillow fight.

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (a.k.a. Valentine's Day)
February 5, 2003
Kitty gets depressed and stays in her bed because she thinks her mom doesn't love her anymore and Hyde and Annette (Jessica Simpson) aren't happy either. Hyde thinks Jackie still has feeling for Michael, while Annette is upset because Kelso is still attached to Jackie. Annette tells Kelso she's going back to California. Kelso claims he's not still in love with Jackie and wants to prove himself by having sex with Annette and she'll see that he's into the sex and not thinking of Jackie. Annette leaves for California.

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