Actovegin: As A Drug Used In Disease Management

Actovegin: As A Drug Used In Disease Management

Many inventions have been put in place to try to reduce the incessant use of some kind of drugs for pain and so many other kinds of ailments. It is through this invention that actovegin, an extract from calf blood has been indicated to improve the healing of the mouth, skin and cornea. What it does is reduce the inflammation in these sites of the body. This drug usually comes as solcoseryl is a phenomenal drug that has been used and has so many advantages but little to no side effects, so far.


It is an extract made from bovine or calf blood. It is a deproteinized extract, with a physiological amino acid mixture that is made up of the calf’s blood, of course, an ultra-filtered calf serum gotten from calves below the age of 8 months.

When the blood is gotten, it goes through a series of unfiltered processing. This process would remove all the protein from the blood and leave a fluid of unknown molecules including the fragment of proteins, the intermediaries of steroid hormones and then amino acids and sugars.


Mechanism of action

It works in such a way that it would enhance your cellular metabolism and reputation, this easy it enables glucose into the muscle cell faster.


  • It can be used as a performance enhancer, especially in athletes
  • In some cases of diabetes, it has been known to help stabilise the sugar and glucose transfer to the brain. This is why this drug may be used in diabetes patients.
  • In skin burns, mucosa and bedsores, it helps to quicken healing and aid quick and faster recovery.
  • In stroke or ischemic stroke, it assists the body in the transfer or transport of glucose to the brain. This aids regeneration and also reduces the side effects of a stroke.


Despite all of these uses, benefits and advantages of this drug, you mustn’t use them without the guidance of a medical practitioner or your healthcare provider.

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