Types of direct marketing

Types of direct marketing

When a person finds a product or service that interests them, they automatically change their attitude. You quickly increase your attention to it and try to see if what you have just discovered is what you are looking for; or if it is something that you will really find useful. When the answer is yes, take action.Which means, you do something to get it, you try to get more information, and you probably end up buying it.

Such a basic and elementary reasoning is the strategy used by direct mailing services in Ottawa, one of the most effective sales formulas, which is based precisely on seeking the active participation of the client . If this is achieved, the process will have a good chance of being commercially successful. In addition, another of the great advantages of direct marketing is that it allows you to measure the results obtained with great accuracy and know where they come from.Thus, it is easier to decide which means are best to invest in and which ones are not worth wasting money.

Main types of direct marketing

But there is not a single type of direct marketing, but multiple, depending on the channel used. Let’s see the main ones:

  • Ads in publications
  • Coupons to fill out
  • E-Mailing
  • Letters at home
  • Telemarketing

 Ads in publications

One of the most used and historically best forms of direct marketing is to insert an ad in newspapers and magazines, especially those with the largest circulation. In the content of the ad, the name of the company or one of the products it sells can be highlighted and a phone number where the potential customer should call to buy it can be indicated.

Coupons to fill out

This formula also works for newspapers and magazines. It consists of the publication of a coupon that can be placed on the side of the advertisement that the potential client must fill in with their personal data and the name of the product in which they are interested. Afterwards, you will have to cut it out and send it to the indicated address or PO box.

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